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Your home is your most cherished and valued asset. Protecting it from termites can save you thousands of dollars in potential damage. Swat Exterminating in Safety Harbor, FL has a 40 plus year termite control track record of successfully protecting homes from subterranean termites and drywood termites for our valued customers. Our Certified Technicians use the best termite control products and equipment on the market to ensure that your problems are resolved immediately. Plus, we future proof your home to prevent further damage or reoccurrences. Call our friendly staff today to set up a free estimate. 

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Drywood Termite Control for Your Home

Your home should be your home, and not the home to a colony of drywood termites. The wood framed houses in the Safety Harbor, Fl area are highly susceptible to termite infestation. Therefore, hiring the right company is critical. The dryer the wood, the more appetizing it is for these burdensome pests to settle in for nice long buffet of drywood on your dime. If you want to detect and cease their activity, and save thousands of potential damage to your home, call and ask about our termite control treatments.

We Kill & Remove Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites are very difficult to detect around your home as they build tunnels in the dirt leading up to the wood structure of your home to feed. You may see dirt or mud tracks where the wood has been eaten. Not only does Swat Exterminating use the best termite control products to eliminate the colonies where they breed, but we also implement preventative measures to keep the subterranean termites from returning.

Signs That You May Have Termite Damage

  • Mud-like substance in irregular pattern in the galleries
  • Thin layer of wood left on the surface. Holes covered with mud-like material
  • Piles of wings that are shed by swarmers
  • Damaged wood is big sign that termites may be present
  • Pellets is another sign of termite damage
  • Daytime and warm, moist days are usually when swarmers appear

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Termite Control Reviews Safety Harbor

My neighbor had termites in Palm Harbor and suggested that I get an inspection. Good thing I did! Swat Exterminating was able to detect them early in the process and eliminated the termites before they wreaked havoc on my wood frame house. Thank you Swat! Date published: 9/23/16
5 / 5 Stars
Susan, Palm Harbor
My wife saw something that looked like flying ants in the garage. I immediately found Swat Exterminating on google and asked them to do an inspection. We had termites. The nice technician was able to resolve our termite headache and didn’t charge us an arm and a leg. Date published: 3/19/16
5 / 5 Stars
Miguel, Palm Harbor

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