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Commitment to Quality

Whether you are a realtor or a home owner, no company is trusted or referred more by home inspectors than Swat Exterminating for Termite Inspections in the Clearwater and Tampa Bay area. Family owned and operated for over 40 years, Swat Exterminating’s technicians have each performed thousands of termite inspections. Our skilled technicians have all received extensive training and experience in termite inspections before they ever conduct an inspection on their own. They are trained to thoroughly inspect every area in each and every home. If visible signs of termites are present, we will find them. Our commitment to quality constitutes the foundation of our business and is the reason for our well-established reputation.

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Termite Inspections | WDO Reports

Termite Inspections | WDO Reports

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Termite Inspection Pricing

Pricing is determined by the square footage of the home starting at $85 for homes up to 3,000 square feet. The cost is $10 for every thousand square feet beyond 3,000. An additional $10 is charged if there is a crawl space under the home.

Square Footage *Cost Square Footage *Cost Square Footage *Cost
3,000 $85 9,000 $145 15,000 $205
4,000 $95 10,000 $155 16,000 $215
5,000 $105 11,000 $165 17,000 $225
6,000 $115 12,000 $175 18,000 $235
7,000 $125 13,000 $185 19,000 $245
8,000 $135 14,000 $195 20,000 $255

*Crawl spaces under homes are $10 extra

We hope you’ll consider the experienced technicians at Swat Exterminating for your Termite Inspections!


it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort,
intelligent direction and skillful execution.  ~ John Ruskin

Experience Matters
In Termite Inspections

The state requires that new inspectors shadow a professional for 15 inspections before they are certified. We believe this is not sufficient. Our most experienced technicians have thousands of inspections to their names, and still run into termite damage they have never seen before. The more experienced the technician is, the more likely the technician is to find hidden termites. Do not hire someone with only 15 termite inspections to his name. Swat Exterminating conducts around several-thousand WDO and real estate inspections per year. This doesn’t include renewal inspections, pest inspections, and numerous other inspections our technicians complete. You can be assured that our inspection technicians are the most experienced, qualified, and trusted inspectors around. If you discover that you have termites, please visit our Termite Control page for specials.

Swat Exterminating Company

One-Year Commitment

The law requires that an inspection’s results be good for 30 days, but Swat Exterminating Company is so confident in the accuracy of our termite inspections that we stand by our results for one whole year after the inspection. Should termites swarm the home within that year, we treat them for free.

Know Thy Enemy

Our technicians are certified in termite habits and understand Termite Biology. We know their behaviors, how they gain access to homes, the signs they leave behind. We know how they work, where they live, and where they hide. We know what time of year drywood termites fly and when subterranean termites are active. Without this knowledge, termites can easily be overlooked.

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We Pay Attention to the Details
So You Don’t Pay the Consequences

Additionally, we tap baseboards and doorframes during our termite inspection, checking for hollow areas where termites may have eaten their way into or through a home. Of course, exit holes in the walls and termite wings or bodies are obvious signs of termite presence. However, looking at wood on the surface with a flashlight isn’t sufficient. Termites could be within the wood, leaving no outward signs of their presence. That’s why our inspectors check surfaces for soft or hollow areas.

Swat Exterminating Company services the following areas for Termite Inspections & WDO Reports:

Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Largo, Belleair, Seminole, Pinellas Park, St Petersburg, Tampa, Oldsmar, Trinity, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, and Holiday.

Knowledge of Construction
for WDO Reports & Termite Inspections

Swat Exterminating technicians are well-educated in the construction of homes. This give our termite inspection technicians unique insights into home inspections & WDO Reports, and is also the reason that we are the most referred Pest Control company in the Clearwater & Tampa Bay area.

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Pest Control Reviews Clearwater

Swat Exterminating has an amazing team and top class service. I thought I would be paying top dollar, but their service is quite the value. They have exceeded my expectations and the technicians are very pet friendly. Highly recommended! Date published: 5/12/16
5 / 5 Stars
Katie Wilson, Clearwater
My wife heard rustling in our attic late at night. Turned out to be rats. Swat Exterminating came out the same day to set the traps. They even closed up the entry point as well. Rats were disposed of in a couple days. I will say it in French “Bravo” for their conscientious work! Date published: 12/18/16
Jacob, Clearwater